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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Search Book :what's news in Google Referrals

What's New from Google - May 2006
Google Pac
Google Referrals improved and expanded

In May 2006 Google expanded their referrals feature to two new products: Google Pack and Google Picasa

Refer users to Google Pack to offer them a collection of essential Google software. You'll earn up to $2 for each successful Pack referral. Or, point users to Picasa, Google's photo software, to help them organize their pictures. Google will credit your account with up to $1 for each successful Picasa referral.

Google also providing more options for the appearance of referrals on your site. New text links for referrals offer you more flexibility when referring users to any of our products. Rather than adding a button to your site, you can use one of the text links to connect users with the referral product of your choice.

You can use Google referrals code wizard to add a referral to your site quickly and easily. Just follow the instructions in google Help Center.


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