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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Search Book :Is 'Big Daddy' Choking Google?

Web site operators are clamoring to understand what can best be described as an ongoing disturbance in the Google Force.

Google's search engine, once a clean, lean indexing machine, from a Webmaster's perspective has been slipping badly lately.

Starting about two months ago, site operators have complained that their Web sites have suddenly disappeared from Google's index for no reason, tantamount to disappearing from the Internet.

Another common gripe is how a Web link mysteriously drops from a prominent place in search results to Page 43 or so. The list of gripes goes on.

Something is happening, although Google hasn't said what it is yet and likely won't on its annual Press Day, which is scheduled for May 10. Google usually makes a number of impressive announcements at this event. This year, there's some "product demos" in the offing, it promises.

But in the backdrop of all the shiny new Google stuff is the 800-pound gorilla of a question: What's going on? Many people suggest that Big Daddy's to blame.

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